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dimanche, novembre 09, 2008

JCVD Review

All right, JCVD is now in theatre in USA, that great... but please have a look at this review: REVIEW ; That's huge ! it could be the real come back of Van Damme !

Please Jean Claude, make Full Love as good as that !

dimanche, août 31, 2008

Some updates

Hi everyone,

I know, long time I did not update this blog.

After the release of JCVD, that received some very good critics in Cannes, got very disapointing figures on theatres for this great movie.

JC is now doing a new movie "Full Love" which he will direct himself.

full love

It seems that he signed as well for a Universal Soldier 3 movie, which could have Dolph Lungren in the cast !!! great news if it's true !!