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dimanche, novembre 25, 2007

2 great DVD edition of Van Damme movie

Look at that Van Damme's fan, how lucky we are (you can get them on

Until Death (2 DVD Limited Steelbook Edition)

Until Death steel

here the link

Kickboxer (Limited Edition, 2 DVDs im Metalpak)


Here the link

2 teaser for J.C.V.D.

All right guys, we are still waiting and waiting for the Shepherd, and until now we dont even have a teaser/trailer.

But a good news is that our Jean Claude is already doing another movie "JCVD". Playing himself, and in french, it is something totally new for him, and it sounds great !!!

2eme et 3eme partie de la pub Virgin Mobile

dimanche, juin 17, 2007

Van Damme virgin mobile

Ok, Until death is out, we are waiting a lot for the Shepherd, but here a nice surprise. Van Damme doing the advertising for Virgin Mobile... Really good !!!!!!

vendredi, mars 30, 2007

JCVD - The Shepherd

Really cant wait to see that movie. As it is the return of Van Damme in Martial Arts.

But enjoy the fact that Scott Adkins will play in that movie, because he is amazing.

Here two videos of behind the scenes from The Shepherd with Scott Adkins, enjoy ! :

samedi, mars 17, 2007

JCVD - Until Death DVD Cover

Hi everyone,

Here some news regqrding Until Death.

We discovered the dvd cover for the USA few days ago (As u can see below).
But as Jean Claude did not like it, he asked for a new one, which I find better (see below) but not perfect.

Previous one

New one

samedi, février 17, 2007

JCVD - Some news after a long time !

After a long time, here some news.

We are still waiting for the release of Until Death, which should be around April 2007... can't wait. In the magazine Empire, JCVD said that it is his best film ever... I hope it is true.

Jean Claude started a new movie already called the Shepherd, with Scott Adkins... which means a lot of fights and martial arts :) :) That was really the news I was waiting for !!!!
U can find on this link an interview of JJ "Loco" Perry... he gave us some very positive info about the movie. INTERVIEW