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mardi, juin 20, 2006

The Hard Corps Van Damme... some news

Good or bad news ? It is again a direct to video pour the Hard Corps.... I really believed it was going to theatre.. anyway, we will have it at the end of August :D !!!

Here the US DVD cover:

Bonne ou mauvaise nouvelle ? C'est encore une sortie directe en DVD pour The hard Corps .... moi qui voulait tellement le voir au cinéma.... enfin.... peut etre quand France il le sera....

En attendant, voici comment sera la jaquette du DVD US:

7th International Indian Film Academy Awards in Dubai

Jean-Claude Van Damme is this year’s international cameo at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Dubai.

samedi, juin 10, 2006

Deleted Scene from the movie The Order with Van Damme

Here a deleted scene from the Order never seen before !!!! Thanks to Sheldon Lettich and the forum vandammefan for giving us this great present :D !!!